Hi, I'm Jamie.

I help others shine their unique light.

Driven by imagination, conceptual thinking, problem-solving and helping others, when I am presented with a challenge, the gears start turning! I can't wait to hear all about YOU and your goals.

The "WHY" behind my work: Since I could first draw with a pencil in my tiny two-year-old hands, my greatest passion in life has been creative expression, inspiring and motivating others through visual formats. This lead me to becoming a graphic designer, photographer, creative director and then... on to my true passion of organizing and leading spiritual communities. After much soul-searching, I found that I love helping others realize their true potential in order to shine their unique light to the world!

Sharing our human experiences through online experiences is now more important than ever! If you are feeling unsure how to express your soul's passions to the world, feel free to reach out! I look forward to hearing from you.


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

BFA in graphic design + photography 2009

Chakra Healing Certification from IICT 2020


Prior to being a self-employed creative, I spent 8 years working at CDW as a graphic designer and photographer in marketing. I also worked in marketing with a variety of B2B companies, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs. View LinkedIn Profile


In 2019, I started a creative spiritual Meetup group and lead dozens of events and workshops. My experiences included leading meditations, teaching divination, and supporting other experts. I now lead a spiritual women's circle in transformational practices. Together, we learn, heal, grow and support each other in order to create the lives of our dreams!


I understand what it means when you have a dream but are uncertain how to move forward, express yourself, or find the confidence needed to turn that vision into reality. Since every dream is different, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. Together we can create a custom solution. Choose a service or contact me using the form below.

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