Chakra Healing Session

Release negative blocks, open your energy centers for balance & flow.

  • 1 hour
  • $75
  • Zoom Video

Service Description

Receive healing clarity that will shift your energy into a natural flow state. Our session should have you feeling refreshed, motivated, and more confident! Our bodies are powered by our energy, which can be more easily explained by the Chakra system. When chakras are under-active or over-active, we will feel out of balance, which will lead to negative cycles in our mind, body, and soul. Find out what energy centers may be out of balance and start take steps to improving these areas. Each session will start by tuning into negative blocks, how your energy may be affected, and steps on improvement. I will then begin guiding you through your personal energy activation, purification, and gathering energy. We end the session with questions and a blessing from spirit. How It Works: -Book and pay for your session, mark your calendar and I will send you a follow-up email for virtual ZOOM session. -Each session will start with a few deep breaths, as we open our minds to receiving messages and healing energy. -Your energy reading will provide insights at the current moment and how to prepare for what will be coming up. -Receive personal energy healing session with channeled visualization. -Receive actionable suggestions to help nurture your energy and set you confidently on your path. Feel free to leave a review, it is much appreciated, thank you!

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