SHRM Hawaii Virtual Conference Design

Working with these wonderful group of HR agents, I created custom branding for their virtual event concept "Inside Out Leadership". The idea is to get everyone involved, even during a pandemic. The logo concept portrays a ribbon being twisted inside out, and goes inside the "O" of the word "Out" - all reflecting the main concept. The tropical leaves reflect the Hawaiian location, alongside company colors, create a fun vibe while sticking to corporate brand. 

One of my favorite parts of this virtual event was the decision to provide swag boxes to all ticket holders. In the mail they receive what would normally be passed out at an in-person conference. This box included a brochure, a logo-stamped notebook, interactive emoji signs (for the video meetings!), coffee mug. Sharing on social media, employees had fun opening their boxes and posing the swag with their dogs, a great way to spread cheer.

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